About us

We are an independent music studio founded in 2012, located in Buffalo, MN.  Opened by me, local guitarist Rob Newton, I was soon joined by friend and fellow musician Tiffany-Ann Gorton.  Since then we have strived to provide the highest standard of excellence in musical training from our little boutique studio in the quaint and friendly atmosphere of downtown Buffalo.


Rob Newton 

Born and raised in Buffalo, MN, I taught myself to play guitar, bass, and drums as a young teen and played in a few local bands while in high school.  I graduated in 2005 and went on to study Jazz Guitar, Music Theory, and Voice at Macphail Center For Music in Minneapolis.  There I studied with three amazing musicians:  then chair of the guitar department Craig Anderson, Ruth Mackenzie, the "Janis Joplin of folk", and virtuoso jazz guitarist Paul Renz.  I earned a two year Certificate For Performance Achievement and went on to start my career in music.  Since then I have performed thousands of gigs with a variety of musical projects and authored several books on guitar instruction.

Tiffany-Ann Gorton

Experienced piano teacher and MMTA member, Tiffany-Ann also teaches music at St. Max in Delano and serves as music director for the church there.